Complete E-Commerce Solution

Our E-Commerce solution is the complete online solution to enable businesses of all sizes to sell products and accept payments online. Our solution has been developed for any online retailers and compatible with all payment gateways including the major banks, eWay, PayPal and Paymate and many more.

Some Key Features

Anaxus Infotech can design and develop your ecommerce website from start to finish. Our ever evolving E-Commerce development is packed with features that are easy to use and offers full management of the website.

  • Website design - customised website design, Shopping cart software enabling the sale of any product online, Payment gateway software - configured to all major payment gateways.
  • Password protected Content Management Software (CMS) to update page content in-house, The website is developed and designed with knowledge of search engine optimisation enabling placement of the website in search results.
  • Unlimited products supported, Complete product management via administration interface, Navigation categories and sub categories managed through administration.

Search Directory Listings and good SEO

Organic listings (or free) are extremely important and to totally dismiss them is not doing your business justice. We agree in paid listings (Cost Per Click) as dollar for dollar at the moment it is one of the most effective forms of advertising, but also in trying everything possible to establish free listings should be a priority! It is always nice to get something for free!

What is Search Engine Optimisation(SEO)?

Search engine optimisation is designing and writing your website so that there is a greater probability that your web pages will be listed with the major search engines and secondly, positioned near the top of search results when your prospective customers query your selected keywords and keyword phrases. Our experience has shown that the options listed on this page are some of the most important items when developing a successful search engine listing strategy for your website.



Usability is the user-friendliness of a website or software. Visitors need to quickly find what they are looking for. In addition, it must also connect to their questions and needs. Anaxus focused from the start of the project on the usability. This can save a lot.

Usability testing

When testing of the usability going to take a number of usability experts at the same time through the website, or software in order to test all aspects and assess. We test different browsers on both Windows and Mac OS computers. This ultimately provides a report on where the findings are in, divided into priority in terms of usability. This way you can incrementally addressing usability.